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How to show the Developer tab in Excel 2013

                     This post is for people who are new to VBA. If you are thinking of creating macros or writing VBA scripts then this should be the first step you should take.
When you open your MS Excel application, you will see that the Developer tab is not displayed by default. So you need to add Developer tab to the ribbon before write/read macros, use ActiveX/Form controls. This post will explain how to add this Developer tab step by step.

First open the excel application.

Then click on the blank workbook. This will generate a new workbook.

Once the new workbook created you can see that there are tabs like File, Home, Insert , Page Layout etc. But there is no Developer tab. So now click on the File tab. I have marked it by a red circle in the above image.

Then click on the options button. Once you click the button, Excel options dialog box will be opened.

On that dialog box, choose Customize Ribbon button.

Then you will see list of Main tabs in the right hand side of this dialog box. All the tabs are selected except Developer. Select it as well and click on OK button.

Developer tab will appear at the end.

Now you can run and record macros.

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