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Data Entry Software

You can use this software for your

Small Business
Day to Day Work
Track Your Expenses
Track Investments
Other personal work.

Also you can use this to make easier your work life too.

This application has maximum of 8 fields.

Data entered from the form will be saved in an excel sheet. (If you need we can make the sheet invisible. So the user can only view the data through form)

Once entered the data you can view them through the form as well. This is how the product was customized for 8 new fields.

So please send me the list of fields you want. Use the contact form at the bottom.

Do you need more than 8 Fields? More complex data entry application with lots of forms? Form with drop-downs, date prickers, list boxes etc? We can create any kind of custom data entry application for you. Please contact us using the contact form at the bottom.

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