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Convert Multiple Excel Sheets to a Single PDF File Manually

From an earlier post we learnt how to convert one excel sheet to a PDF manually. If you want to know how, then please check this post.

Save an Excel Sheet as PDF

This Excel tutorial explains how to convert multiple sheets from your excel workbook to a one single PDF file manually. So you can convert sheets you wish from your excel file to a one PDF file. Assume we have an Excel file with 5 sheets like this.

If we want to convert only Sheet 1 and Sheet 3 to one PDF file, then these are the steps we need to follow.

First we need to select Sheet 1 and Sheet 3. You can select multiple sheets from excel file by clicking on sheet names while pressing Ctrl key on your keyboard.

Now we have selected Sheet 1 and Sheet 3. Next we need to click on the “File” menu.

Then click on the “Save as”

Next click on the “Browse”

It will open the “Save as” dialog box like this.

Now browse for the folder you want to save the file. Next enter a suitable name to the “File name” field. After that click on the “Save as type” dropdown. Select PDF from the list.

Once you select the PDF from the list, Save as dialog box will show you some more options. So click on the “Options” button at the bottom.

When you click on that button, “Options” window will open like this. Then make sure that the “Active sheet(s)” option is selected under the “Publish what” section.

Now click ok. It will close the “Options” window. Then click the “Save” button in the “Save as” dialog box. Selected sheets will be converted to a one pdf file successfully. So this is how we can convert multiple excel sheets to a one PDF file manually. Also you can convert an entire workbook to a single PDF file as well. Check this post if you want to know how.

Convert an Entire Workbook to a Single PDF File

BESSELJ Function

Today I’m going to show you how to use an another engineering function in Excel. This new function is called Besselj. It returns the Bessel function Jn(x).

Syntax of the function is BESSELJ(x,n). So we need to input two parameters (x and n) for this function. Both are required to return a value. When you input those two arguments, function will be evaluated at x. And n is the order of the Bessel function. You can use this function in Excel like this.

Here I have used cell addresses to input the arguments. But you can also use values directly like this as well.

So now let’s find the Jn(x) values for x values from -5 to 5 when the order of the function is 1.

If we draw a graph of Jn(x) for the above values it will look like this.

If we change the order of the Bessel function to 2, then we will get the following result.

This is the graph for the above table.

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