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How to Highlight Duplicate Values in Excel

In this post you will learn about how to highlight duplicate values in Excel. Let’s consider this sample data.

sample data

This Excel sheet contains a list of codes in column A. Assume we want to know whether there are duplicated codes in the list and highlight them. Instead of manually examining, we can use conditional formatting available in the Excel application to highlight the duplicates. Follow the below steps.

First select the data set.

Select the data

Then select the “Home” tab from the Excel ribbon.

Select the Home tab

Click on the “Conditional Formatting” in the style group.

Click Conditional Formatting

Now take the cursor on top of the “Highlight Cells Rules” menu. Then a submenu will appear to the right. Click on the “Duplicate Values” from that submenu.

Select Duplicate Values from submenu

Then the Duplicate values window will open like this. Select “Duplicate” from the first dropdown. I will select “Light Red Fill with Dark Red Text” from the second dropdown. You can select any other format or custom format from the list.

Duplicate Values Window

Then click the "OK" button. Duplicate codes will be highlighted like this.

Duplicate values are highlighted

In the above example we selected a range to apply the conditional formatting. However if you need you can add the conditional formatting to the entire column as well. To do that you need to change only one step. When selecting the data, select the entire column instead of the range. Below image shows how you should select the column.

Select entire column

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