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VBA - Error 400

Have you ever got a error similar to shown below. If you are a VBA developer you might have got this error when you run or debug your program.
This error message contains only 400 and OK button.

I saw lot of people have asked about this error in lot forums. This error made developers very frustrated because it doesn't show any error message or anything. It only pop up a message box with "400" and OK button.

Soon after you press the OK button, it will kill the process.

However in microsoft website I found information about similar error. I saw following line in that website.

400 Form already displayed; can't show modally

So here what has happened is program tried to display the form again while it is already displayed. May be it is hidden by a sheet or another form.

But in our case error message is different. Only similarity is both the error messages have "400" in common. However after doing some experiments I was able to find one reason for "error 400". Think your program access files in your hard drives while it runs. So this error can occur if you have given non existent path to the program. So program try to access a file. But it is not existing. This will cause error 400. Then even missing of a one letter in the file path can throw this error. Lot of people says it takes much more time to identify a small misspelling than finding a complicated one. 

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