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SUMIF function

Today I will explain you how to use SUMIF function. It is much easier to explain this through an example. See below excel sheet.

Sample data for sumif function

This is a data set of a business. How it works is each product has its own row. If column B is empty that means they have not sold it yet. If column B has a value that means that they have sold that particular item.

So if we need to get Total Sales or Total Purchase we can use SUM function.

Think If we want to add up all  items that are unsold. That means if column B is empty, We need to  add up all the costs of those products, which is in column C.
So for example in row 5 there is a product call item 3. Cell B5 is blank. So we need to add the purchase price of that item in cell C5.
Row 9 also has same thing. B9 is blank so we need to add C5 with C9 and so on.

How do we do that?

We can use SUMIF function for situations like this. To calculate Unsold Inventory we can use below formula


x is the range we are looking.
y is the criteria we check
z is the range we sum

For above example the formula should be written as this


We check the range B2:B20 for empty cells. that means for "". If empty cell found we add the values in the range C2:C20.

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