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Detect Operating System

Sometimes we need to develop VBA programs to compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. If you develop a VBA code for windows, sometimes it will work for Mac as well. For an example if your program only manipulate data within a excel sheet it will work for both operating systems. But you will find that some VBA programs not compatible with Mac. For an example if you are  trying to access a directory using a VBA code this will not work in both OS's. Because file path of Windows contains backslash ( \ ). But Mac use colon (:) to separate the folder names. This is an only one example. If you develop VBA programs you will find that there are various instances not supported by both OS's

So if your code is not compatible with both OS's, you will need to develop two VBA codes. But there are situations you don't know what OS your user will use. However you can make your code compatible with both OS by combining both codes. What you can  do is first check the OS, and if it detects Mac, you can ask the program to follow one path by using a if statement. Else you can ask it to follow the path written for Windows.

Here is a VBA code to do that.

'If the operating system is Mac
If Application.OperatingSystem Like "*Mac*" Then
    'Here goes the code compatible with Mac

'If windows
    'Here goes the code compatible with Windows
End If

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