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Add Button To Excel Worksheet

    We often need to add buttons to worksheets. We can use buttons for many things. Triggering a macro and navigate through worksheets are two very common use of buttons. Sometimes appearance of the button is not very important. But there are situations where we need to give higher concern for its appearance. Specially when creating dashboards. Because it is very important to give professional look to your dashboard.

    There are several types of buttons available. In this post I will show you how to add Form Control Button to your excel worksheet. Lots of people use this button to trigger macros. However I don't recommend these buttons for dashboards. Because we can't even change the color of these buttons to match with our dashboards. Also we can't change the font color of the button. But this type of buttons are very useful if you want to trigger macros. Because these buttons are compatible with all excel versions. Specially with Mac versions. So if you use this kind of button you can assure that your users will able to run macros by clicking the button from any OS and any Excel version.

    If you want to add a form control button to your worksheet, first go to the Developer tab of your excel application. If Developer tab is not visible in your Excel application,  below post will explain you how to do that.

How to show the Developer tab

After go to the developer tab, click on the insert menu. Then you will see this kind of icons.

Then click on the Button (Form Control). Then your mouse pointer will look like this.

Then click somewhere on the worksheet and drag like below to form small rectangle.

Then release the mouse. You will see this kind of pop up window.

This pop up window helps you to assign macros directly when you create the button. In this case no macros listed because there are no macros in opened files. So you can click OK to create the button without assigning any macro. Then you can assign macro later if you need. However if you have macros in your files, then this pop up will look like below.

So there are two macros in the files. One is MyFirstMacro and other is MyMacro. So if you need to assign any of these macros to your button, first click on the macro name and then click on the OK button.

When you click OK button, form control button will created in the worksheet like this.

Then you can edit text and also you can change font type, font size etc. But you can not change the color of font or color of the button.

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