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Add Textbox to Excel Worksheet

In this post I will explain you how to insert Textbox to Excel worksheet. These are the steps you need to follow. First click on the developer tab. Then click on the insert menu in controls group.

When you click on the insert menu it will list types of control you can insert to the worksheet.

There are two types of controls. They are form controls and ActiveX controls. Text box is listed under activeX controls. However there's another control type call text field which is listed under form controls. But do not confused with this text field controls. Text Field controls always appear dimmed because they are unavailable in Excel workbooks.

So click on the text box control to add it to the worksheet.

Then you will notice that your mouse pointer will change to + symbol. Now left click somewhere on the worksheet And drag the mouse to create a small rectangle like this. 

Now release the left mouse button. When you release the button new Textbox will be created in the worksheet.

And when you create the Textbox you will notice that the Excel application automatically gives a name to that text box. However programmers use conventional naming method to name controls. So it is a good practice to follow that conventional naming method when you name the controls. For an example if you want to name this Textbox as username then you can name it as txtUsername.

Next I will explain you how to change name or any other property of a text box. First right click on the Textbox and click on the properties. 

Then you will see the properties window.

Now you can change name or any other property from this properties window. In a next post I will explain you how to change a value of Textbox from a command button.

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