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This post is about .XLSB file format. I will explain you few basic things about this file type and how to open this kind of files.

A file with .xlsb file format is call as Excel binary workbook file. So the data stored in this file in binary format. Like XLSM files these XLSB files can have macros in it. So you need to be very careful when opening this kind of file type unless you received it from trusted source.

Lot of other Excel file formats store data in XML like format. As XLSB file type store data in binary format, it is much faster to read from and write to these files. So if you have a file with mass amount of data, then it is advisable to convert it to the .XLSB format.

You can convert it like this.

Open your excel file.

Click on “File” menu.

Click “Save as”

Browse the folder you need to save your file.

Then give appropriate name to the file and select file format as .XLSB

Click “Save”

How to open .XLSB file

You can simply open these files using Microsoft Office Excel application. If you don’t have Excel application then you can use OpenOffice Calc or LibreOffice Calc too.

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