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How to Sum Values in Excel

There are many ways to sum values in Excel. If you want you can directly enter the values you want to sum like this.

Also you can select a cell and then type in the formula bar too. Because if the cell is small then you can’t see all the values you entered to the cell. But formula bar has lot more space. So you don’t need to resize cells when enter long formulas.

And if you want you can enter the cell addresses of the values you want to sum instead of directly entering the values. Using this method you can change the values in the cells and get the sum instantly without doing any change to the formula.

Actually you don’t need to type the cell addresses manually. You can select the cells using mouse while pressing + key from the keyboard.

Also you can use inbuilt function in Excel to sum values in ranges. If this is a continuous range you can use something like this.

Here again, you don’t need to type the ranges manually. You can first type =Sum(
Then you can select the range using mouse. So the range will be inserted automatically to the formula. Finally you can close the bracket and press enter.

And if it is not a continuous range you can use a formula like this.

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