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How to Use Excel ABS Function

We often need to find absolute value of a number or absolute difference of two values. Fortunately we have inbuilt Excel function to calculate that. It is call “ABS” function. So in this post I will teach you how to use Excel ABS function.

Here is our sample data.

Now let’s find the the absolute value of value in B4 cell. You can find it using this formula.

When you click enter, result will be shown like this.

Now take your cursor to bottom right corner of the C4 cell. Then cursor will changed to + mark. Click the left mouse button and drag until C8 cell. Function will added to all the relevant cells.

Now let’s learn how to find absolute difference of two values. Let’s consider following example.

First let’s find difference of C4 value and D4 value. We can use following formula for that.

When you click enter, value will calculated like this.

Next fill all the cells in column E with formula like we did earlier.

As you can see, we have both positive and negative values. Assume we need to find absolute weight difference for two months. We can use ABS function for that.

When you click enter value will be calculated like this.

Next fill rest of the cells in the column F with formula.

Now we have absolute difference of weights of two months for each person in column F.

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