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Add Hyperlinks in PowerPoint - Excel VBA

In this post I will explain you how to add a hyperlink to a powerpoint shape. We often need to add hyperlinks in PowerPoint Presentations. It may be a website, email address, or another slide in same presentation. Sometimes we need to add hyperlink to a shape object of a slide. And sometimes we need to add hyperlink to specific text inside a object of a slide. So let’s learn how to do this both. First let’s learn how to add a hyperlink to a whole object of a slide. So let’s consider this sample slide.

Assume that the name of this file is “Sample Presentation.pptx” and both Excel and PowerPoint files are in same folder . First we need to launch the PowerPoint application and open the presentation file.

Dim oPPTApp As PowerPoint.Application
Dim oPPTFile As PowerPoint.Presentation

Set oPPTApp = CreateObject("PowerPoint.Application")
oPPTApp.Visible = msoTrue

DestinationPPT = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\" & "Sample Presentation.pptx"
Set oPPTFile = oPPTApp.Presentations.Open(FileName:=DestinationPPT)

So if you run above code, program will launch PowerPoint application and will open the presentation file. Then we need to add hyperlink to this object.

Name of this object is “24-Point Star 3”. And let’s add the "http://www.excelvbasolutions.com" as address. So we can add the hyperlink as follows.

With oPPTFile.Slides(5).Shapes("24-Point Star 3").ActionSettings(ppMouseClick)
     .Action = ppActionHyperlink
     .Hyperlink.Address = "http://www.excelvbasolutions.com"
End With

There are times we don’t need to add hyperlink to whole object. Instead, we need to add hyperlink to specific text inside an object. Here is an example. Suppose that we need to add hyperlink only to text “blog” of this slide.

Assume this is the 6th slide of our presentation. We have a rectangle in this slide. The name of the rectangle is “Rectangle 3”. Now we are going to add the hyperlink only to text “blog” inside the rectangle. We can do it like this.

With oPPTFile.Slides(6).Shapes("Rectangle 3").TextFrame.TextRange.Find("Blog").ActionSettings(ppMouseClick)
     .Action = ppActionHyperlink
     .Hyperlink.Address = "http://www.excelvbasolutions.com"
End With

So we will get following result if we run above code.

Next let’s learn how to add an email address as hyperlink.

We are going to add hyperlink to word “email”. Assume that the slide number is 7. Name of the object is “Rectangle 4”. So we can do it using following code.

Dim EmailAddress As String
EmailAddress = "Your email address here"

With oPPTFile.Slides(7).Shapes("Rectangle 4").TextFrame.TextRange.Find("email").ActionSettings(ppMouseClick)
     .Action = ppActionHyperlink
     .Hyperlink.Address = "mailto:" & EmailAddress
End With

Then the result will look like this.

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