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VBA Fix Function

Today I'm going to explain you another very useful VBA function. It is Fix function. You can use this function to get the integer part of a numerical value. For an example, if you parse value 102.5 to the Fix function it will return 102

Here below is a sample subroutine from which you can get a clear idea about how this function works.

Sub FixFunctionExample()

Dim SampleValues(4) As Double

SampleValues(0) = 0.25
SampleValues(1) = 5.78
SampleValues(2) = 100.5
SampleValues(3) = -25.8
SampleValues(4) = -30.2

For i = LBound(SampleValues) To UBound(SampleValues)
Debug.Print Fix(SampleValues(i))
Next i

End Sub

If you run the above code, you will get following result in the intermediate window.


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