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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft introduced a new browser called “Microsoft Edge” with their Windows 10 release. Now Microsoft edge is the default browser for the Windows 10.

Find Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 start menu

After that lots of people got a question whether they can do web scraping using this new browser, like they did with the Internet explorer. For an example below is a very simple code we can use to automate internet explorer. It will open the Internet explorer window and navigate to the http://www.example.com. So can we do a similar program for Microsoft Edge?

Web scraping vba code for Internet explorer

Unfortunately as of today, 30th December 2020 Microsoft Edge still doesn’t support this kind of automations. So we can not create direct VBA programs to automate Microsoft edge. However, thanks to a developer(github user - florentbr) you can use a selenium based solution to automate Microsoft Edge. He has created a wrapper for Selenium which we can use for VBA projects. You can download that repository from github from the link below.


Also note that internet explorer is also a built in component in Windows 10. So if you want to use the Internet explorer then you don’t need to install anything. You can readily use it.

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Also it is possible to develop web scraping programs inside Excel in Windows 10 for Internet explorer like in other Windows versions. However some users are having problems finding this feature. If you also have difficulty finding the Internet explorer, simply follow these steps.

Click on the search box.

Click on Windows 10 search box to find Internet explorer

Then search for the Internet explorer.

Search for Internet explorer feature in Windows 10

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