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How To Remove Gridlines In Excel

Gridlines are light grey color lines that show up between rows and columns. These lines make it easier to distinguish the content of adjacent cells. But if we design application interfaces or templates sometimes these gridlines can have a negative effect on the appearance. In this lesson I will show you how to remove these gridlines from an Excel sheet.

Here is a simple data entry application interface designed on an Excel sheet.

Sample data entry application interface

We have used a fill color and outlines for the data input area. But we can further improve the appearance if we remove the gridlines.

To remove the gridlines, first go to the “VIEW” tab of the Excel ribbon.

Go to the View tab

In the “Show” group, uncheck the “Gridlines” checkbox.

Uncheck Gridlines checkbox

This is how the application interface looks like after removing the gridlines.

Final appearance of the application interface

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