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How To Record Macros In Personal Macro Workbook

Macros are very useful if you want to increase the productivity of your excel files. If you do repetitive tasks in Excel then you can automate them using macros. This is how it works. First you record all the actions when doing the process for one time. Then you can run that recorded macro as many times as you want. Also if you have good knowledge on VBA then you can take those recorded macros to a higher level. In this lesson I will explain to you one more step to save your time when using macros. Assume you want to use a particular macro again and again in different workbooks. Normally if you record a macro, that macro will only be available for that workbook. But if you change the macro storing location to Personal Macro Workbook then those macros will be available whenever you launch Excel application. Thus you can use those macros in any workbook you open. From this lesson you can learn how to record macro in Personal Macro Workbook.

First, go to the “Developer” tab.

Go to developer tab

Don’t have the “Developer” tab? Learn how to enable it.
How to show the Developer tab

Select “Record Macro” in the “Code” group.

Select record macro

This will open the “Record Macro” dialog box.

Record Macro dialog box

Give a suitable name to the macro. Then select “Personal Macro Workbook” from the “Store macro in” dropdown.

Select Personal Macro Workbook from the dropdown

For now let’s leave the Shortcut key and Description blank as they are optional. Next click “OK” to record the macro. Now you can perform the actions you want to record. Once you finish the actions, click on the “Stop Recording” to stop the macro recording.

Stop Recording

Finally you need to save the recorded macros. You can save the recorded macros in the Personal Macro Workbook when closing the Excel application. When you terminate the Excel application it will display a message like this. You can click “Save” to save the macros.

Save macros to Personal macro workbook

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