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Add data set to next empty row of a excel database

Private Sub cmdEnter_Click()

Dim WS As Worksheet
Set WS = Worksheets("Data")

'find the end of column A
Dim x As Integer
x = 1
Do Until WS.Range("A" & x).Value = ""
     x = x + 1
'last row having data = x-1

'Add data to database
        WS.Range("A" & x).Value = txtJN.Value
        WS.Range("B" & x).Value = txtCus.Value
        WS.Range("C" & x).Value = txtSup.Value
        WS.Range("D" & x).Value = txtPO.Value
        WS.Range("E" & x).Value = txtDD.Value


        MsgBox "Data Saved Successfully"

'Clear text and combo boxes

txtJN.Value = ""
txtCus.Value = ""
txtSup.Value = ""
txtPO.Value = ""
txtDD.Value = ""

End Sub

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