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Populating 3 combo boxes

Populating 3 combo boxes  cboYBrand, cboYName and cboColor from values from rows 2 to 10 of columns A,B and C

'Populating cboYBrand, cboYName and cboColor
If Worksheets("Database").Range("A2").Value <> "" Then 'if there is atleast one data row
        For i = 2 To 10
            With cboYBrand
                .AddItem Worksheets("Database").Range("A" & i).Value
            End With
            With cboYName
                .AddItem Worksheets("Database").Range("B" & i).Value
            End With
            With cboColor
                .AddItem Worksheets("Database").Range("C" & i).Value
            End With
        Next i
End If

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