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Check whether folder exist and create if it is not

                We can use VB scripts to manage our data. In this kind of applications we often need to get data from folders as well as save data to folders. This data may in any form like text files, XML files, Excel files etc. Some of our folders contains sub folders. Those sub folders can even have their sub folders. So a particular folder can have folders inside them in different levels. If we know the structure of those folders we can even communicate with folder which are located inside several folders.

Below code is a similar example used in a excel file. It check whether there is a folder call "Image Files" in the folder where the excel file is located. If there is no folder, It creates a one with that. If folder exist it tells that folder is exists.

If Dir(ThisWorkbook.Path & "/Image Files/", vbDirectory) = "" Then
    MkDir ThisWorkbook.Path & "/Image Files/"
    MsgBox "Directory Exists", vbInformation, ""
End If

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