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Getting started with Visual Basic Editor in Excel

In my earlier posts, I have explained lot of things on how to automate your excel workbooks with VBA. Also I explained how to do data mining from websites and download files automatically using VBA. However if you are new to Excel VBA,  you may probably don't know how to get Visual Basic Editor in Excel 2013. So today I will show you how to open Visual Basic Editor in your Excel application and give some brief introduction. First open an excel workbook where you want to develop your VBA.

Then click on the "DEVELOPER" tab. You will see several categories like Code, Add-Ins etc under that tab. Go to the "Code" category and click on the "Visual Basic" Icon

Once you click on that icon the Visual Basic Editor will be open up.

There is an alternative way to go to the Visual Basic Editor very quickly. It is using short cut keys. Once you open the workbook just press Alt+F11. Visual basic editor will be open in the excel application.

So now I will explain few things about Visual Basic Editor. You can find the "Menu Bar" in the top.

You can see the "Tool Bar" below that.

As you can see there are two other windows open in the Visual basic editor. Top one is called "Project Explorer window"

Other one is called "Properties Window"

When you developing applications you may need an another important window.  It is "Immediate" window. Just click on the "View" menu of the Menu bar. You will see a drop down list like below.

Then click on the Immediate Window. Immediate Window will be open at the bottom of the Visual basic editor. Also you can use short cut keys Ctrl+G to open that window.

This can be use for debugging the code.

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