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Add Data Analysis Command to Data tab in Excel 2013

          Analysis tool pack is very usefull tool which you can use for complex Engineering and statistical analysis. This add-in is available after you install the Microsoft Excel. But you need to load it first to use in Excel application. In this post, I will explain how to load this usefull tool. Follow these simple steps.

First, click on the File tab.

Click on options.

You will get the "Excel Options" box. Select the Add-Ins.

Once you select the Add-Ins, You will see "Analysis ToolPak" under Inactive Application Add-ins. Select it and click on "Go" button below.

Once you click on the "Go" button you will get below box. Check "Analysis ToolPak" and click on "OK" button

Now you can find "Data Analysis" command under "Data" tab.

So now you can do data analysis like Regression, Fourier Analysis etc. using this Data Analysis command.

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