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Insert Text Box to a worksheet

         Today I'm going to show you how to insert activeX controls text box to a worksheet. Text boxes are very useful controls which we can use in both VBA userforms and Excel worksheets. We can use them for varies things. Text boxes can use to get the input from users. They can be used to show the results of any calculation. Also this object can be linked to specific cell in a worksheet. These are few usages of text boxes.

So if you need to insert a text box to a worksheet, follow these simple steps.

First you need to go to the Developer tab. Developer tab is not displayed by default in Excel application. If you don't know how to show the developer tab, you can learn it from my earlier post

How to show the Developer tab in Excel

If you go to the Developer tab you will see a "Insert" button within the "Controls" group.

Click on that button. Then a drop down list will appear showing two types of controls. Form Controls and ActiveX cControls.

Click on the text box listed under the ActiveX Controls.

After you click on that text box, take your cursor to the worksheet. You will see that your cursor has changed to + mark. Then click on anywhere on the worksheet and create a text box with suitable height and width.

You can drag the text box to any place within the excel sheet. And if you need to change the properties of text box, then right-click on the text box and click on the Properties.

You will see long list of properties related to your newly created text box. You can change any property to suit to your requirements. Also you can follow naming conventions if you like when you give name to the text box. For an example if you use text box to get name of user, you can name the text box as txtName.

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