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Activate Edit Mode For The Active Cell - Keyboard Shortcut

In the last post we discussed how to copy paste data to an Excel sheet from a different source without formatting. I explained three methods to do that. One method was double clicking on the cell and paste. However you can also activate this edit mode using the keyboard as well.

Below is the shortcut key to activate the edit mode.

This is not only useful when copy-pasting data without formatting but also when editing formulas or content of the active cell. For example if you want to edit a formula or a text inside a selected cell, you can activate the edit mode and then use left and right arrow keys to move the cursor to where you want. When you press F2, Cursor will initially move to the end of the text, value or formula. But then you can use left and right arrow keys to move the cursor along. But if you press the left or right arrow without activating the edit mode, Excel will send you to the next cell at left or right respectively.

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