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How to Copy Paste Data to an Excel Sheet From a Different Source (Without Formatting)

Sometimes we need to copy data from various sources to Excel sheets. For an example you may want to copy data from a webpage into an Excel sheet. If you ever did that, you should have noticed that when you paste data to Excel, data is pasted with the source formatting.

Let's see an example. This is the default formatting of an Excel sheet when I create a blank workbook.

Default formatting

But if I copy one of the post titles from this website (excelvbasolutions.com) to this sheet, then it will be pasted like this.

Data pasted with the source formatting

As you can see formatting is totally different from the current formatting of the sheet. Even if you have already applied different formatting to the Excel sheet than default, the same thing will happen.

So how do we paste content from different sources to an Excel sheet without the source formatting. There are three ways to do this. First method is you can paste the content on the formula bar.

Click on the formula bar and paste the data

Then data will be pasted without source formatting.

The second method is double clicking on the cell and pasting the content. If you double click on a cell a cursor will appear inside the cell like this.

Cursor will appear inside the cell

Now you can press Ctrl+v from the keyboard or right click and select paste.

If you use one of the above two methods you can only paste data into one cell. But sometimes you may want to paste a large amount of data to different cells at once. For example you might want to copy paste a complete webpage to an Excel worksheet. You can use this third method to paste data to one cell or multiple cells.

Here are the steps of the third method. First copy the data from the source. Then select the cell you want to paste data from. Next, right click and select the “Match destination format” option under the “Paste options”.

Right click and select Match destination format

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