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Output Data in Excel VBA

VBA can display data in a few different ways.

  • In the immediate window
  • In a message box
  • In an Excel sheet cell
  • In a label/textbox control of a userform

Display data in the immediate window

This is a data output method commonly used by developers to test subroutines and functions while developing VBA applications. In this method you can write data into the immediate window using the Debug.Print method. Here is an example.

Sub PrintIntoImmediateWindow()

     Debug.Print "Hello, World!"

End Sub

This will write "Hello, World!" into the immediate window of the VBA editor.

Print data into immediate window of the VBA editor

Display data in a message box

From this method you can output data in a message box. We often use this option to display the program completion messages to the users.

Sub ShowDataInMessagebox()

     MsgBox "Completed!"

End Sub
Display data in a message box

Write data into a Excel sheet cell

You can also write data into Excel worksheets using VBA. This data output method is typically used when generating reports from VBA applications. You can generate sales reports, invoices etc through a VBA application using this method. Below is a very simplest example of this method. It will write "Hello, World!" into the cell A1 of the sheet1.

Sub PrintInWorksheet()

     Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A1").Value = "Hello, World!"

End Sub
Write data to an Excel sheet

Output data in a label/textbox control of a userform

This data output method can be used when developing applications with one or more userforms. If you have a userform in your form, then you can display data inside label and textbox controls. Below is a sample form I created to show how to output data in a textbox control of a userform. I’m going to develop a simple code to print “Hello, World!” when a user clicks the “Print” button. Assume the name of the textbox is “txtMessage” and the name of the command button is “cmdPrint”.

Sample userform

Double click on the cmdPrint button. Then you will see this kind of click event in the userform code module.

Private Sub cmdPrint_Click()

End Sub

Then add the following code to that click event.

txtMessage.Value = "Hello, World!"

So the completed code should look like this.

Private Sub cmdPrint_Click()

     txtMessage.Value = "Hello, World!"

End Sub

Now when you click on the button, “Hello, World!” will be displayed in the textbox.

data printed in the userform textbox

Also you can use TextBox.Text property instead of the value property as well.

txtMessage.Text = "Hello, World!"

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